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Case Study: Chivas Brothers

Chivas Brothers has numerous brands in its portfolio, which it sells in almost every country globally. With a turnover of $1bn, co-ordinating marketing on this scale is a serious challenge.

I began working with Chivas Brothers after pitching for their corporate site, at which they were impressed by how organised we were for such a small agency. Our speedy and prompt delivery then generated a lot of internal interest and within two years we had been offered the company intranet, global extranet and asset management system, the social media news room and numerous microsites.


By combining all of these on a ‘modified’ Umbraco platform, our team began to make significant operational efficiencies to Chivas Brothers. Brand manager were simply and effectively in control of their product message. The wider departments could also take advantage of information feeding it out through press releases, social media and live feeds. We continued to support the platform for four subsequent years offering training and assistance to users all around the world.

One Central Management Hub in the UK

With Asset…

Distributing & managing assets in 220 national markets

…and Product Management

Keeping packaging consistent and engaging globally.

Internally Distributing & Managing assets in 220 national markets via…

A Global Extranet

Co-ordinating marketing for 15 brands & 2,000 active users

The Intranet

The intranet informed staff and supported HR

And to the Public via…

Social Media Newsroom

The Social Media Newsroom allowed the assets from the main system to be distributed throughout the internet. Individual brand managers organised images and released them at their own pace.

A Corporate Site

The Corporate site was a classic example of feeding assets and news from the central platform. It was part of our ‘upload once, use many’ strategy.

And A Live Golf Tournament